I have bumped my head twice recently....

Literally ...? The first time against the tip of the door of a medicine cabinet. While calling, I was walking around the house, looking at the ground, and my forehead made intimate contact with a point of the door...Ouch!!! The second time was while cleaning the rooms in my parents' villa. With my head down, I jumped from the raised garden onto the terrace and on the way I met the side of the hard awning ... For a moment I saw stars.

Why is this happening? The lesson could be ... I must look ahead better! But then again, that lesson is undermined by my tripping over a step, which left my knees bruised. There again, I was looking a little too far ahead, when I should have been looking down, hahaha.

Why am I telling you this? Starting your own business is exciting and not always easy. You make choices you think are right, you have to be patient, you have to invest and discover and experience everything new in a foreign country... On the one hand, you have to focus on the now and of course (with passion) try to make money, but on the other hand you have to be patient, learn and look ahead.

In the end, finding balance is the most important thing. I notice that there is more and more interest in my offer. And I gain confidence from the fact that I can really mean something to the foreign tourists. Guests (mainly Dutch and German) really like the fact that I organise the activities for them and that I 'help' them in their own language.

I also find that I need to be more patient to let this grow. I do say to those around me; "give it two/three years," but I want now! And with that I have already hit my head a few times?

So 'note to myself'; be patient and at the same time do everything you can to show what you can do for tourists on the Côte d'Azur! In any case, I am very happy with the nice reactions from guests who have already taken activities, and they are not few?

As you may already know, I work as a pool girl and gardener at Villa du Cap in Sainte Maxime, I help my parents at their hotel and I give weekly pilates lessons on the beach to tourists and locals. So I'll be spending the summer!

And of course I am enjoying this summer time. With my friend Marieke and her children I had a few wonderful days and my brother and Nolan visited again. What a pleasure to spend a week with my little cousin and to have a nice time with my brother! I say; "come again soon brother!".

So far ?

A bientôt



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Jacqueline - 13/08/2021 at 04:37

Difficult indeed to keep finding the balance between future and present. Very recognisable. The corona period has made your start even more difficult of course. Believe in yourself and it will be alright! Nice reading and beautiful photos. Who knows, until one day.
Good luck and enjoy!

    Ilse - 09/09/2021 at 09:40

    Hi Jacqueline,

    Thank you for your kind message and we will keep going! Would be nice to see you here! Good luck and have a nice, more open, time in the Netherlands

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