Gets you moving

Moving around for life... More and more people are doing it. Becoming and remaining active makes a positive contribution to the physical and mental health of people, young and old. For an active lifestyle everyone chooses their own way. One sport prefers to be practiced in a group, while another chooses the powerhouse or swimming. A body and mind sport such as pilates is also becoming increasingly popular. Why is that? This type of physical exercise is aimed at mental and physical balance and therefore at the general well-being of people. In this busy society, full of appointments, expectations and demands, people are more and more consciously looking for this balance in themselves. Pilates is ideally suited for this purpose.

Pilates is a training method that improves the strength, flexibility, balance and coordination of the body. Moreover, it takes away stress, improves concentration and general health. From young to old, from very flexible to less flexible, from mobile to less mobile. Pilates is for everyone!

With Vivez le Pilates I stimulate locals and tourists to be active by taking pilates classes on location. The lessons are in the vicinity of Saint Aygulf and Saint Raphael on the Côte d'Azur. On the beach, at campsites and by appointment at your (holiday) home. At Vivez le Pilates you can start or end the day with pilates by the sea. As a certified pilates instructor I take young, old, experienced and inexperienced with me in a fun pilates experience.

The lessons

Pilates consists of a series of mat exercises in which all muscle groups are trained and work on moving from the core of the body 'the core'. In addition to the classic mat exercises, we also work with attributes such as the ball, the pilates ring or light weights. In short, together we will move by the sea!

Would you like to take a lesson or more? That's possible! The lesson lasts 1 hour and is € 15,- per person. The lesson days and times are flexible, so are you interested? Please contact Ilse Veneklaas, tel: +33 (0) 6 477 692 78, mail:

See you soon!

Ilse Veneklaas