I am back on the coast, at home in Saint Raphael! Actually a while already and a lot has happened again ... Nice things, not nice moments, exciting times and of course boring days. As life is?

To begin with the very best experience of recent times. My brother spontaneously got on a plane with my little nephew Nolan to spend a wonderful week with us! How nice that was. All week with the little one, a bit of walking, playing and a lot of cuddling. And also very cozy with brother of course! We had not seen each other for almost a year so we had a great time. From early in the morning until late at night we were busy with the little one and this way brother also had a little 'extra' vacation.

Fortunately, the start-up of Vivez le Sud is also progressing faster than last year. I have now teamed up with 11 companies and have around 25 activities to offer holidaymakers. I am making a brochure for this and will distribute it mainly to holiday villas and flats around Fréjus. For this, I am setting up a network of landlords who want to promote the brochure and that is going well!

Most activities are already on this site and I have created a Facebook page Vivez le Sud that you can always like if you want to follow me Vivez le Sud | Facebook. We'll see what this summer brings!

Growing Vivez le Sud takes time and I need a basic income anyway sosss... I will be working as a "pool girl" at a vacation villa this summer. Early every morning I get to prepare the terraces, pools and garden so that the guests can have another relaxing day of vacation. By the way, I do this with a group of nice colleagues and I am free in the afternoons/evenings for my other work?

Because of course I am going to help my parents this summer! I also teach pilates classes and hope to expand this. My pilates offer will also be in my brochure so who knows what kind of movement that will be.

In the meantime, I have again become entangled in all kinds of paper mills of the French bureaucracy, I have had my first injection and I enjoy the fact that here, too, everything is slowly opening up again.

I'm sure I'll get less brown than last year, but I do see a lot more future and that's great!

A bientôt