Alors! Maintenant je suis tata Ilse ? Zooo happy and proud. My brother (Dagmar) and his girlfriend (Nancy) gave birth to baby son Nolan. Nancy, the power woman, of course did it but my brother, as top supporter, was also there.

Pake, beppe and I couldn't wait to go there together. but that didn't work out for a while. Unfortunately, friends of my parents, Ton and Willemien, not to temporarily take over the villa in the short term. We decided that I would first travel to the Netherlands to be alternated by pake and beppe. What a nice couple of days I had in Leeuwarden. The love that you felt in Dagmar and Nancy's house with Nolan and Midas (the (Nancy's son). Nolan who is so relaxed and zen. His nickname...Buddha. And proud of my brother to think of him as a daddy. And also so beautiful about my Seeing parents shine that they ended up being pake and beppe after all... Who? would have thought so!

It was also nice to see friends in Groningen and cousin Hayo. Thanks Gea and Anneke for the nice place to sleep!

And I can go on like this for a while, but of course there's a lot more has happened in the last few weeks. Together with Willemien I have the villa taken over for 4 days, because my parents were in the Netherlands. Let's say that it was a beautiful and special experience. Every day from 6 in the morning until midnight you'll be on your feet all day. From taking care of breakfast (yeah with preparing fresh eggs), to the many cleaning, checking in, being ready for the guests, keep track of pool/sauna/jacuzzi and solve the 'problems'. You stand the all day long. The moment you sit down, something happens... But I... must say... it was kind of addictive. Doing your best to get your guests perfectly possible to give the holiday and home feeling, like my parents always do. Luckily the guests were also happy enough with Willemien and me to come back one more time... And that's where you end up doing it. all for.

I have to say, the guests who came over more than once were also very happy to see my parents again:)

Meanwhile, I'm picking up the threads for my own toko. Because that needs to get off the ground too! Now I'm spending a lot of time writing programs, making appointments and tinkering with the website....Luckily I have remote friend Ricky for the website part because what a crime that is for me say! I will spare you further details...let's just say I have little intelligence for website management...or something like that?

By the way, did I mention that I have a very nice neighbor? Lisah is Swedish and has lived here for 11 years. We have already had a nice drink and will do so more often?

Oh yes and provider Orange from my previous blog...It turned out it was not with them, but here in the house there was a cable broken...After a lot of hassle after more than 2 months everything is in working order! I say sorry Orange?

Now first the whole weekend to work in the villa and in between with our own preparations. Tuesday to one of the most beautiful beaches on the Cote d'Azur together with French friend Jamal:)

À bientôt!



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Anneke - 01/08/2020 at 14:37

How super nice Ilse on always reading your blog!!! We found it super to see you again for a while in the Netherlands! And to receive you! You are always welcome here? We come in October to the Villa of your parents to 1 or 2 nights to sleep and enjoy all the beauty there! And are of course also very curious about your villa!!! Good luck with your preparations and everything you are doing! Hopefully your activities can start soon! Love Anneke and Gea

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