The big day has arrived! After almost a year of struggling I finally got my French insurance ...'Big deal' you might think, but it took a lot of work and now I'm very happy. I say: 'hurrah!' Now I can go skiing in peace, hahaha.

No, I don't dare. I've been practicing for about 15 years, but I'm not getting anywhere. I'm too afraid to slide down on those long slats. So I walk, because I do that a lot here. Almost every day I go down and up, up and down...It is very nice to be high in the mountains with the beautiful views. And with the cozy cafes on the mountain tops where you, despite the Covid, still can drink a beer or mulled wine in the snow. The sun there and who does you what.

Of course I am also here to work and that goes reasonably well. I'm working together with several organizations to offer activities to the French guests in Reberty Village. The people enjoy massages, adventurous snowmobile rides or paragliding and I earn a little money from it. That seems to me worth a hurrah!

In the meantime, I am trying to expand my network to be able to offer even more fun activities next year. Next year? Yes...My plan is to go back to the mountains next year for a few months and organise some great winter activities.

My parents' catering business also runs great! People order plenty of delicious sandwiches or complete breakfasts for in the morning and in the evening they enjoy delicious dinners. Our French guests are surprised every time that a Dutch family can put such beautiful 3-course dinners on the table. "A Dutchman who can cook so well, that's not possible, is it?". Well so it is?

In the past months I have also met a lot of new people. People who live here all year, seasonal workers, people I work with ... Mainly French, but also a couple of Dutch. I must say we have a great time together on the mountain!

And that's three cheers.

A bientôt