So... it's been a while since I've posted anything. And to be honest, I had a hard time getting myself to write another blog for a while, but it worked out? Meanwhile, a lot has happened and a lot has not ... Still not officially registered (no numéro de sécurité social), still no insurance card (carte vitale), still my small business is not yet fully registered. By the way, I do pay taxes! Rara how can that be?

And yet ... we just go on. At the end of the summer I started preparing for the new summer season and I gave a group of women pilates lessons on the beach every week. Furthermore, I offer, together with my parents, group chalets, catering and winter activities in the Haute Savoie (Les Menuires). You might think this is great fun! But... it all came to a standstill due to another lockdown that started halfway through October.

We have two lockdowns and a curfew and I am now living high up in the mountains for a couple of months with the idea of executing our plans and making some money. Unfortunately it is also very quiet here, at 2000 meters in Les Menuires (Reberty Village)...

The lifts are closed, the foreign guests don't come and many French guests who have booked cancel because the lifts stay closed even longer. Understandable of course, but it does put us all in an awkward situation. And admittedly... it sometimes feels a bit lonely up here in the mountains.

In the meantime, I've partnered with some local organizations here that offer fun winter activities. These activities can be done without using the ski lifts! The guests who have decided to go on holiday together can still actively enjoy the winter, the mountains and nature.

What else can you do besides skiing? Well, I have in store ... an adventurous snowmobile excursion in the area of Les Menuires, an exciting tandem paragliding jump from the mountain top, wonderful massages, special snowshoe hikes with raquettes, ski and snowboard lessons for beginners and much more.

But of course you can only enjoy that if you are here in Reberty Village and I don't see that happening so soon? Still curious? Click here.

Who knows, we might see each other in the summer. Then I have the best summer activities for you on the program!

For now, it's a quiet wait and hope for more holiday traffic here at Reberty Village soon. I will keep you posted!

A bientôt