Here I am ... Lovely at a nice little beach my to write down the experiences of the past few weeks for you. I'm sitting here, by the way, because I thought I'd have two more coffees at this beach club that I had here last week, but hadn't paid yet. Once the money is handed over, I find out that at the beach club next door should've been... just about there anyway. Ha-ha-ha.

All the cars are in and they are happily doing it. Happy because now I can move freely through the French country. I immediately got into the car and did a weekend trip to Nîmes. I must say it was very nice and enjoyable was! Had a few nice days, met new people and of course that is always a good thing. Very nice town too with its parks, arena and Roman influences. We will visit again soon?

Privately, I am also another step closer to settling down. Still Things are very different here than in Holland and I have to get used to that... Last week week I gave many people my new number from my new provider Orange. provider Orange. I pay for a total package with mobile telephony, Wifi and TV, but do you think it works? Well nooooo...Only 4G phone does it...For the rest no connection at all. Do you ask for help? Well that doesn't help.... Do I want to more about it? No... Only that I hope that within six months it will be settled. You have to live according to the standards of the country you live in? live in?

Meanwhile, at my parents' place in the villa, it's always getting busier. Especially the French have found the place, but there will also be Dutch, Belgians and Germans regularly pass by. Three times a week cooked for the guests and I've been bombed to the dishes! I used to have washed a lot in the hospitality industry so no problem for me. I can reassure myself call it top dishwasher. And my parents are very happy with it because it's a lot of work. Does it happen to be the case that the cleaning lady spent a while in the sickness law is...Well to rent my apartment in Saint Raphael and of course, to help my parents out, I'm just-- ...became a raid-cleaner right away.

With my own activities, things are going a little slower than planned, but I am confident that I am getting myself into the right flow to get things up and running. I had registered as a ZZP'er (auto entrepreneur) but I was rejected. Why I don't know, probably a wrong copy of a passport or something, but I'll hear about that. Meanwhile my friend Ricky from the Netherlands is working on the logo of Vivez les Pilates and I have found the first people interested for a lesson on the beach. Now it's just a matter of setting a date. I must say being 'free' for a while is also nice?

However, after this weekend I've decided to go to the but first I'm replacing my dad for the next few days and help my mother to run the villa. Heit goes up and down to the Netherlands because Grandma's pretty sick....

Soon the three of us will also be going north, because my brother and his girlfriend are having their first baby! That's great! very nice and exciting.

So you end of a life and new life's light is always close together...

Anyway, who knows until soon in the Netherlands!

À bientôt!