Well there I am at last in La Douce France! With a lot of and then managed to sell the house and cross the border. to come!

1 May I flew from Amsterdam via Paris to Nice with a backpack full of evidence documents about the move and adorned with gloves. disinfection gel and a mouth shield.

The first part of the trip to Paris went off in style! I was surprised with a business class ride in the front row ... Why? It turned out that the purser is an acquaintance of my parents? Still nice a little networking. At Nice airport I luckily got through customs without any problems. I tried to explain in my best French explain, with a thick book as proof, why I made this trip to Nice. Nice. They were not really interested (or couldn't understand me) and cheerfully let me pass. Bienvenue à France, on the Côte d'Azur-your new home!

The first period I am living cozily with my parents in Saint Aygulf. They run the hebergement "Villa Perle de la Mer" here. Because of the corona crisis they could not receive guests the first time and we lived here with the three of us. Every disadvantage has its advantage?

Since 22 May they are open again and are the first French guests been over the floor again. So for them, the head's off.

Since I can't start my own business yet, I'm going to help my parents in particular in the coming period and I'm working on the preparations to eventually to be able to get started on my own, too. Corona will make sure that my plans and preparations run differently than expected, but I go for it and see sunny into the future.

Meanwhile, I've also spent my time trying to find of an apartment in the town of Saint Raphael, near Saint Aygulf. And that has already been found! A 2 room apartment in a beautiful classic building, in the artistic district, close to the boulevard and the beach. A nice spot if I say the self.

It all took some doing... After the first meeting, the owner wanted the would like to rent out the apartment to me. We had agreed that I would have a list with adjustments to the furniture would share with her. When the husband of madam, he was not amused. What did 'little miss perfect' well not... I turned out to be too much to want to make changes and that was not really the intention. After much discussion and arguing between the spouses, which almost led to a marriage crisis, everything got back on its feet and I'm in an ideal spot. 1 June I get to sign and June 8th I'm going over.

At the same time, they're also looking for a car, because it's is really necessary here with those distances and of course for my work. Those search takes a little longer, because together with my parents I'm looking for two cars we share together. 1 big one for work and 1 for private. I hope that we'll soon have all this taken care of!

Dusss... The first steps have been taken and on to the next one!

Ps: are you wondering "what about pilates? That too I'm going to work on that. Just moving first?

À bientôt!