Last night I had my first night in the new spent some time in an apartment. What a nice feeling this place gives me. Despite that it's not very big I feel at home and I've already got it pretty much my own with my old and my new stuff. Last Monday my Dad,

and Ton and Henk (Dutch who also live here) helped lift the big furniture 2 floors up. Now and then it was a tickle but after the hard effort came the relaxation. As thanks I quickly took them to a terrace nearby and we had a nice lunch with a big pot of beer! I believe it was Heineken.... Yes, the Dutch also need a bit of a grip in France. need a little grip, don't they?

With my landlord, who called me "Little miss perfect. it's going very well, too. He's very helpful and friendly... I think we should... both had forgotten the culture differences for a moment, but now everything is fine!

Late at night my facetimed (is that a word??) my friends of café De Klinkspaan in Groningen facetimed me, because girlfriend Marike turned 50 turned 50 and to say they miss me...lovely.... I miss them too...But they also couldn't resist saying that I was quite a 'tasty snack' on camera. camera ... By that of course they meant the opposite ... And thank you dear friends? That's why I couldn't sleep all night. Or was it because the impact of the transition was bigger than I expected or because I can't start my business now because of corona or because I still cannot get health insurance here while De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar won't insure me anymore or is it because I slept in my new house with new sounds and silences or is it because I actually don't officially have a job yet yet? I do not know, but what I do know is that in a short time I have already a lot and am enjoying my new place!

Last week, for example, I bought a new car. After a long internet search and several disappointments, because yes a car search on the French marketplace (any marketplace) is equivalent to the searches on dating apps like Tinder and Happn, I had decided with a "male choose between an old Mini, a sporty Peugeot and a Volkswagen...First away with the Peugeot, it quickly fell off. Then the Mini...I was in love, but knew I shouldn't do this...Recognizable? In the end, the reliable and solid Volkswagen proved itself. I had to swallow but am very happy with it! After each test drive, the "little man" stood with a big smile and sunglasses in the doorway 'looking beautiful' and to welcome us back. He spoke difficult English and we difficult French, but still whole stories with each other. Nice these pleasant encounters?

This sunny sunday morning I'm off to the boulevard of Saint Raphael walked to have breakfast overlooking the sea.

In short, I enjoy myself, I come across things, but most of all I'm very... happy!

See you soon Ilse